Worship. A church is not just a building. It is where people have a safe place to worship, to learn about God, to share fellowship and encourage one another. Worship is a distinctive lifestyle that reflects God’s heart of love, and it is an attitude that influences our thoughts and actions.

Service. We all have a gift! We encourage people to discover their gifts and use them – to find purpose and satisfaction in helping others. As followers of Christ, we have a mandate to love God and love others, resulting in practical care and concern for our fellow believers and our neighbours. 

Community. Community is about taking time to be together and building lasting relationships; our church strives to be a safe place where people are accepted and cared for. You will discover that in addition to our regular meetings, One Life Church enjoys being family through fun social activities.

Mission. The main reason that the church exists is to proclaim the good news of the gospel – that Jesus died for us and by trusting in Him anyone can know the forgiveness of sins, experience eternal life and know Jesus as Lord and Saviour. All people matter to God and therefore you matter to us!

Practical objectives: As our church grows, it is our long-term vision is to offer support in specific areas of need in our local community. We are meeting some of these needs already, some are planned for a later time:


  • Children and youth activities
  • Senior citizens ministry
  • Marriage & family provision
  • Helping the poor and needy
  • Social action
  • Prayer for the sick and hurting